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About Us


Bitcoin's entry into the financial markets in 2009 changed the landscape of the financial world forever. The first Bitcoin investors became very wealthy after seeing the asset's price rise by thousands of percentages to reach a peak of $20,000 by the end of 2017. This huge increase immediately attracted more investors into the market, with everyone wanting a piece of the trading action.
While you might have missed out on the early days, the crypto market still generates real profits to cryptocurrency traders through volatility and liquidity. For conservative traders, volatility might be daunting but smart traders understand that volatile markets offer many trading opportunities. The trick to successful trading is to know when to enter and exit trades to extract maximum profits from the cryptocurrency markets. This is where Bitcoin Formula comes in.
The Bitcoin Formula software was designed to help traders to trade cryptos accurately and to earn real profits. The software works with advanced algorithms that use numerous technical indicators to compare existing market conditions with historical data in order to pinpoint lucrative trading opportunities. A trading signal is then generated and the Bitcoin Formula software will then automatically enter trades for the trader based on the set trading parameters of the software. Being an automated app, the Bitcoin Formula software requires little work from your end. You only need to spend about 20 minutes per day to monitor the app and to set the trading parameters to align with your risk profile and trading preferences. Doing this will ensure you earn consistent profits with the Bitcoin Formula software.
Bitcoin Formula's algorithm is the most advanced and intuitive in the crypto space. The 99% accuracy rate means that risks are reduced while the profits are secured. As a result, even new traders can use the Bitcoin Formula software to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos. No prior experience or an understanding of the market is needed. Thanks to Bitcoin Formula, everyone can now get their share of the profits.


Bitcoin Formula TEAM

The team behind Bitcoin Formula is comprised of trading and analytical professionals and software developers who worked together to develop the Bitcoin Formula app. They were driven to create a software system that would empower everyday people to make money from the crypto markets. As the most powerful automated trading software, Bitcoin Formula continues to change so many lives by enabling traders to extract maximum profitability from the crypto markets.
You can enjoy similar profits by leveraging the Bitcoin Formula software to start your journey towards financial freedom. Open your free Bitcoin Formula account today and get started.

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